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Design & Installation of New Birdnest House

  • Design and installation of new birdnest house.

Conduct Troubleshooting on ‘Problematic’ Bird House

  • Conduct troubleshooting on ‘problematic’ bird house, and providing solution i.e modifying environment  parameters to favourable level.

Refurbishment & Upgrading of Old Birdnest House

  • Refurbishment and upgrading of old birdnest house.

Harvested & Processed Bird Nest

  • Consultation on improving and maintaining the quality of harvested and processed bird nest.

Birdnest (Shophouse) Investment Consultation

  • Birdnest (shophouse) investment consultation.

Specialised AV Systems for Birdnest Farming

  • Specialised AV systems for birdnest farming.

Rental & Sales of Birdnest Houses

  • Rental and sales of birdnest houses.

Training Courses on Swiftlet Farming

  • Training courses on swiftlet farming.

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